sydney. 19. lousiana, usa.
in college, studying culinary R&D and film.

listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door.

let's go.
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today i made a shrimp etoufee AND drove 600 miles back home.

the reason for my absence from tumblr is spring break!

camping in the Smokies this weekend so internet access will probably be nil

stay rad, friends.

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tailgating ur minivan so i can watch Finding Nemo with ur kids

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hi bb don't forget to drink water today i love you

awwww this is really sweet :’)

i actually did almost forget to drink water, but i managed to find some.

also, i love you too.

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Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection & Artwork (Reservoir Dogs / True Romance / Pulp Fiction / Jackie Brown / Kill Bill: Vol. 1 / Kill Bill: Vol. 2 / Death Proof / Inglourious Basterds) [Blu-ray]

#I was less than impressed by the film critics speaking about Reservoir Dogs on the special features #they missed a lot of basic elements about this film like the deconstruction of masculinity and violence

Tell me more…I still haven’t bought this yet cuz I have all the movies and like I even have double or triple versions of them…so if I buy it it’s gonna be for the art and special extras.

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School/Rainy Day
Coldplay — PLAYED 2,474 TIMES

Coldplay - School/Rainy Day

Will Champion confirmed in an interview that School used to be an intro to Rainy Day, before being re-used forDeath And All His Friends.

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lynsolo replied to your post: um i thought everyone was exaggerating…

????? that’s a thing? i need to catch up

you have so much to see.

so much to look forward to.

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